Who’s the Bad Dog?

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Pablo, the Chihuahua, lives happily with Ramsey, the Doberman, and Suvi, the Pit Bull…

A small dog living with two big dogs… Can you guess who’s the “bad” dog? Who’s in charge of the house?

Well… It’s Pablo, the tiny Chihuahua!

Animal Planet made a visit to Pablo’s house. They spent the day filming for an episode of Bad Dog!

Source: ramseyandpablo.com

  • Rosy says:

    This is my Pinky Boy Too lol.

  • Pam says:

    I had a Chihuahua(Coco) and my ex brought a Rottweiler(Tank) into the household and I was concerned for Coco being around Tank, for he was never around bigger dogs than him. Well the second day they were together, Coco showed Tank that he was boss by grabbing him someplace and showed him who was king of the house. Needless to say, Tank and Coco were best buddies till the day they passed away. Miss them both so much. I now have Coco’s grandson and the “I’m king gene” must run in the family because he will go up to any big dog with no fear whatsoever. I love my Rotties but love my Chihuahua’s more.

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