Very Angry Chihuahua!

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We all know Chihuahua’s can be temperamental, but this one is really angry!

Could he be feeling insecure or afraid?

We want to know your experience handling with this kind of situations with our Chihuahua friends.

Let us know!

  • Karen says:

    Maybe because you’re in his space (his home) and he is being protective of it. My chi doesn’t like anyone touching her, the chi is a one or two person dog and some of them aren’t welcoming to anyone else. Cesar Milan has a great show on youtube called “My chi from hell” and it helps to understand them better. 🙂

  • emma says:

    here’s an idea. STOP posting videos of chihuahuas being filmed in situations where they obviously feel threatened by the person taking the video. this one is just another example of how your Facebook page is STUPID! clearly you are NOT a fan of the chihuahua breed.

    • Chihuahua Fan Club says:

      Hi Emma, everybody has the right to share their ideas. Thanks for sharing yours. Nevertheless, we MUST say that we LOVE and are FANS of Chihuahuas.

    • Diane says:

      I do understand Emma’s side as these types of videos promote public views of chi bad behaviors. My chi was 1 yr when he had his eye damaged by owner & lost it. He was surrended & I adopted him. It took 5 years to get him to trust every male who came thru my door. He is finally accepting of my husband & his son. Five years. Moral of story? Dont hit animals!!

  • marymetro says:

    I have a Chihuahua just like this to everyone but me. My husband cant even say good nite to me without Yip snapping at him. He is 11 yrs old now and has pretty much been this way since I rescued him 4 yrs ago. I tell him he’s a bad dog when he does it and he automatically rolls on his back like he is saying he’s sorry, but he lives to do it again. He is truly my Joy, lol

    • Becky says:

      My 2 chihuahuas are very protective with me my husband can’t touch or kiss me when I’m holding them they are truly loving animals and very loyal I wouldn’t get in his space and don’t antagonize the poor baby as you’re clearly getting him upset and more angry

  • pat says:

    Was the mum a chi or jack Russell? If I mated my chi with ajack rRussell would my chi be able to carry the pups?

    • Shawna says:

      The jack is too big. I think it would kill the chi. If it didn’t cause death to your chi it would not be able to deliver naturally. Please call and talk to a vet.

  • Karen. Duplan says:

    I think your great ! I have a chi 10 yrs old. I am going to try being
    more assertive with my Chi. She does the same things the other
    Chi’s do.
    Thank you very much!

  • Denise says:

    You are in his face and space. He is afraid. Plus, my rescue Chi does NOT like being woken up. If he is sleeping and you wake him up he freaks out. I think it is the surprise element. And this little guy is TRAPPED. You never want to back a dog into a space where they can’t get out easily. Poor little guy. Just leave him alone when he is in his “safe spot” and let him come to you when he wants love.

  • Sandy Brown says:

    My almost 2 yr old 3.3 lb chihuahua, Chica, LOVES everyone. But lately she’s been picking up the bad habits of my 3 yr old MinPin, who is fearful of everyone. Chica is beginning to bark & pull back from people but neither of them is ready to attack & bite. I want her to rub off on him not the other way round!

  • Kathleen Post says:

    My chi wants his love and attention at his own time. He will cuddle when he wants to. If we try to pick him up or play with him when he doesn’t want to, we immediately put him down, tell him he’s a bad boy, and ignore him. We work with him with treats and when we can approach him without him showing us his teeth, he gets a snack.

  • sherri says:

    Looks like fear of the camera to me, you are invading his space, hiding behind something that obviously frightens him, my own chi does not like it when the cats try getting into her space, she does this same thing to them

  • tina says:

    You are definitely in the pups space. He feels threatened as well as trapped. He may very well be protecting his space. I have three chi chis and one of them act this way. My female chi chi only likes her dad and I and when people come to the house she will growl and lunge at them if they come near us. This behavior is typical of a chihuahuas make up…hope this helps!

  • Hannah carter says:

    Wondering if the fear in this dog is down to health issues the teeth are possibly causing trouble

  • Tiffany says:

    We had a roomate too that are chihuahua didnt think very highly of and weve had several that he liked this is the only one he barked at consistantly non stop at the top of ricos little lungs!Everytime he came out of his room or from outside in or even get up from where he was sitting rico would go crazy horse on him . He lived with us for 2 and half years.Are chihuahua is 6 years old and hes barked at other people of course but never like this with anyone else he absolutely despised him.The funny thing is he use to let him hold him a year or so before he moved in. he hadnt seen him for about that long .He barked when he moved in but he would stop aftera minute or so.I would say maybe a year later is when the non stop barking started and didnt end till he moved.I thought he must have done something to him when we wernt looking .I cant prove it but it almost has too beAlso after are roomate moved ouit one of are friends mentioned he would cut off a piece of steak or whatever meat he was eating and call him to come get it and right before he got their he would put it in his own mouth and laugh about. Talk about heartless this guy was a real winner. I had no idea he was tormenting poor Rico behind are backs. He told us he did it all the time.Oh do you drink? Because maybe if you had a few too many and accidentlystepped on him or kicked him that could be a reason.Accidents do happen.Also I am sure you already know this but dogs can sense good and evil or maybe he senses you really dont like him?Maybe too because you are in his space. If you really like this dog then stand down and dont pay any attention to him he might ease up and come too youif your a geniunely good guy with a good heart which you could very well be . Thats my advice their will be no charge for the 1st consultation. Tiffany

  • julia valerio says:

    he’s is reacting to something bad that has happened to him…leave him alone.

  • Doris says:

    Why is his house outside?
    I hope that’s only for a short time, under supervision. …
    By the way, that’s a normal reaction when a animal feels threatened. …

  • Devona says:

    That is the dogs save place “his home ” and you are invading it. You are a threat to this dog .

  • Susan says:

    I have twelve chis all are loving,but if you get in their space and in their faces and they will do just the same as any other dog.To protect their domain

  • Sarah says:

    First, I hope this is not the dog’s primary dwelling. A chihuahua is a toy breed that thrives on attention from their human and becomes a member of that pack and should live indoors. I sincerely hope this poor guy is not always chained up outside. Second, we have 2 chi’s. They are still very young, but they love attention from everyone, male, female, young, and old. My husband, son, and I have worked very hard socializing them since they were puppies. We walk in our neighborhood and welcome kind, gentle attention from anyone. They visit my relatives and we have frequent guests. It takes a lot of time to keep them socialized. So while both dogs would prefer me over even my husband and son, the work we have put in makes them well liked social companions.

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