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Chihuahua vs. Fingers

This tiny Chihuahua is being just TOO CUTE. He’s wrestling with his owner’s foot. 🙂 SO ADORABLE! Does your pup do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Epic Wrestling Battle

Ralphie the Chihuahua is playing with his best four-legged friend – Marcel the Mini Pig… Like all brothers and sisters… They are having a little fight… Watch this hilarious wrestling match! Does your dog like other animals? Watch & Share:


David Facing Down The Giant Goliath

If a Chihuahua goes up against a Great Dane… …you would think any struggle would favor the larger dog! However this time the underdog is winning!


Chihuahua vs Great Danes

This tiny Chihuahua doesn’t realize his size… He doesn’t care! All he wants is to wrestle with his two humongous Great Dane buddies. So FUNNY!


Chihuahua vs Cat Wrestling Competition

Here’s the main wrestling event of the day… Sibelius, the Chihuahua and Kiki, the cat, wrestle for the ultra-light world weight pet championship title! The winner? Watch and decide you should be the winner…


Tommy, The Chihuahua vs Gracie, The Cat!

Here’s a very funny Chihuahua and cat wrestling… On one side… weighting in at 8½ lbs… Gracie, the Cat! On the other side… weighting in at an astonishing 5½ lbs… Tommy, the Chihuahua! Winnie, the Pooh, is the referee! Who will win? Watch…