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Trixi Meets Her Little Brothers

Trixi the Chihuahua is all dressed up today. She’s ready to meet her new baby brothers and see her mum and dad again. 🙂 SO CUTE! Does your dog know his brothers or sisters? Watch & Smile:


Introducing Trixi

Meet Trixi. This 3-month-old Chihuahua girl is just so adorable and beautiful! And look at her, she is so energetic… She can’t stop! Watch and smile:


Trixi “Steals” Everything!

Trixi is back again with some funny moments! This girl “steals” everything she can put in her mouth and play with her paws.. 😀 Just look at her taking several things from her owners! Watch and laugh!


Chihuahua vs Bottle

This little girl is Trixi!! She’s afraid of empty bottles, and here are some faces and reactions she has when facing a Solo bottle! 😀 Is your pup also scared of something? Let us know!