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Dog Trick School

This Chihuahua Trick School is just amazing… These little dogs have learned tricks and practiced running through the agility course for years. Today, they are very well trained dogs! 🙂 How many tricks does your dog perform? Watch & Enjoy:


“Wash Your Face”

This is Don and he’s learning a new trick: “Wash Your Face” Don is trained using positive reinforcement base on motivation through play, praise, reward and lot of love. Show us your pup tricks!!


How To Trim Your Chihuahua’s Nails

This is a very handy video for those who have difficulties trimming their Chihuahuas’ nails… Look at how calm and relaxed this Chihuahua is… A little massage here and there seems to make the trick! Do you have any advice on this subject?


Winged Ears

This is so cute! This Chihuahua buddy has a nice trick, every time he ears a high-pitched sound he lifts his ears up like a pair of wings… And don’t they really look like ones?


Trick or Treat?

Meet Splash and Kiko! Both pups decide to go out trick or treating on Halloween night. Watch to see what happens when they come to a certain house to beg for treats… LOL