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Having Fun Indoors

Cedric doesn’t get to go outside much during the cold Canadian winter. To keep him happy his owner has come up with some easy games and tricks for him to play. All she needs is Cedric’s favourite snack, his favourite toys and some tricks or commands he already knows! 🙂 Is your dog this obedient? […]


Dog Tricks With Tunnels &Toys

Here are Tiffany, Ziara, Augusto and Mathilda-Rosalie. They are amazing and cute Chihuahuas showing adorable tricks with tunnels, toys, and agility they have learned. 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE! Is your dog this smart? Watch & Comment:


Playing & Learning

These are some cool new toys! Some of them are even educational to help your Chihuahua develop some skills… Does you Chi also have this kind of toys?