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Tiny Agility Jumps

Cedric is a cute and tiny Chihuahua. He wasn’t sure if he could really jump over his new agility jumps… But after a few failures, loads of patience and plenty of tries he understood how much fun jumping can be. All he needs is just tiny versions of the agility pieces of equipment! ­čÖé How […]


Britain’s Tiniest Chihuahua

Meet Disney! This super small baby Chihuahua heights only 3 in and weighs 14 ounces! He is so small and beautiful!! Don’t you just want to hold him?


Tiny Dog vs. Big Dogs

It’s time for our daily battle… …TINY DOG vs. BIG DOGS! This tiny little dog “dusted” all the big dogs at the dog park and had them all tired! Watch & enjoy:


Tiny White Chihuahua Puppy

Is there anything more adorable & sweet than a Chihuahua puppy? Prepare to get your heart melted with this… …tiny white Chihuahua puppy!


Tiny Chihuahua vs Big Dog… Who’s the Boss?

Mark Twain once said “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” And he’s right… In this hilarious video, tiny Chihuahua fearlessly protects her food from a large opponent. Sadie was caught in a David-and-Goliath fight when the huge Foxey tried to steal her […]


Spanky Wants to Become a Real Dog

Here’s an adorable Chihuahua tale… This story is about a toy played by micro dwarf chihuahua, Spanky, who wants to become a real dog… …tormented by funny Jamaican Chihuahua and┬ásaved by mighty Bull Mastiff! Watch and Enjoy:


Tiny Chihuahua Herding Sheep

Well… Chihuahuas are not known to have herding skills… Nancy, the Chihuahua, only weighs 2.5 lb, but she’s quick to show 5 sheep who is boss… The animals are more than 10 times her size, however she doesn’t care!

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