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Bubbles For The First Time

These two best friends are having their first experience of bubble blowing. Milo the Chihuahua goes absolutely crazy about it and the baby can’t stop smiling. 🙂 SO FUNNY! How would your dog react? Watch & Smile:


Best Friends Ever

Barnaby the Great Dane and Aphrodite the Chihuahua are having a great time together. Aphrodite is the newest addition to the family and it seems she is loving her new huge friend! Watch these two lovely dogs sharing the couch, sleeping and playing. 🙂 Who is your pup’s best friend? Watch & Smile:


Playground Time

It’s playground time… These cute Chihuahua puppies are playing with each other and with their mommy! They are just having lots of fun, spending their energy in a healthy way and learning to growl. 🙂 How does your pup spend his energy? Watch & Answer:


Bed Time…

Meet Savanna, the Chihuahua! She loves this “go to bed” ritual with her mom… She’s the sweetest dog ever.