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Who Pooped in The Kitchen?

Judy, the Australian terrier, and Sunny, The Chihuahua, were naughty while their owner was out. … After being asked “Who pooped in the kitchen?”, Judie quickly points out that it definitely wasn’t her! Watch as she totally sells out poor Sunny. 🙂 Is your dog this naughty?


Bull Terrier & Chihuahua

Mary Jane the Pit Bull Terrier has a new little friend – Fernando the Chihuahua … Look at her with a toy chicken attached to the back of her vest swimming playfully in the pool… She’s carrying some extra weight… Fernando holds on tight, chewing the toy chicken in his mouth! 🙂 Does your dog […]


Exorcist Chihuahua!

A Boston Terrier dog wants toy that the Exorcist Chihuahua has. Who wins? Usually Chihuahuas win… Watch and find out:


Doggie Sing-Along

This Chihuahua and his Boston Terrier brothers are having a funny sing-along… …until someone forgets the words! So CUTE & FUNNY!