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Having Fun in the Snow

Mathilda, Augusto, and Kenzo are having fun playing in the snow. Check out their adorable little dog coats… These dog coats keep them warm while enjoying the winter. 🙂 Does your dog have a coat? Watch & Comment:


Chihuahua & Snow Boots

This Chihuahua isn’t very happy with the present he got from his owners. It seems he is having trouble to get used to his new dog snow boots. In the video, he’s gently trying to get rid of the boots. How would your pooch react? Watch & Comment:


Little Girl Puppy On The Snow

Oh, this Chihuahua puppy is so cute!! She’s being pulled by her owner in a little sled on the snow… I’m sure she’s loving the experience… Does your pup love the snow too?


Running In The Snow

This is the most adorable snow video ever!!! I never saw a tiny Chihuahua running in this much snow… The first moment when he pops out of the snow, it’s PRICELESS!!! ha-ha Watch and smile!