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Run & Hide

Poppy is a tiny Chihuahua… He may be very small, but he’s clever. In the video, he knows how to run and hide from Shadow the German Shepherd. That little thing can run! Is yours this fast? Watch & Smile:


Animal Party

These ADORABLE Chihuahuas are playing and having fun with Pomeranians and Yorkies. Take a look at this amazing costume party for small dogs. 🙂 SO FUNNY! Does your dog like parties? Watch & Comment:


Chihuahua Mannequin Challenge

Cedric the cute puppy size Chihuahua performs the viral mannequin challenge. He has two dinosaur toy friends to show him the way. 🙂 Check out little Cedric and his big plastic friends! Is your dog this cute and small? Watch & Like:


Tricks With Balls & Umbrella

Chihuahua SL presents the cutest small dogs in the whole world… Augusto and Mathilda! They are showing adorable synchronized tricks that they have learned with balls and an umbrella. 🙂 Is your dog this smart? Watch & Smile:


Britain’s Tiniest Chihuahua

Meet Disney! This super small baby Chihuahua heights only 3 in and weighs 14 ounces! He is so small and beautiful!! Don’t you just want to hold him?


Being Cute & Small

In this funny video compilation… You’ll see several different Chihuahua’s doing what they do best: Being cute and small! A MUST-SEE.