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Dog Song

This long haired Chihuahua is singing. This dog´s song will certainly be a huge success… 🙂 Look at this dog just being ADORABLE! Does your dog do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Milo Singing to Adele

More and more videos of Chihuahua singers are coming up… They’re all amazing! Could Chihuahuas be the next pop star generation? ha-ha Watch and sing along with Milo!


Chihuahua Singing The Blues

This is Peanut! Another Chihuahua trying his luck in the music industry… And this time in the Blues genre… Ha-Ha Chihuahuas really like to sing along! Does your pup sing as well?


Singing to the Saxophone

Lucky, the Chihuahua, likes sitting back and listening to his dad play some jazz on the saxophone. Often, he loves it so much he can’t help but sing along. And he really gets into it!


Doggie Sing-Along

This Chihuahua and his Boston Terrier brothers are having a funny sing-along… …until someone forgets the words! So CUTE & FUNNY!


Chihuahua Christmas Song

Meet Hombre, the Chihuahua! He loves Christmas and he loves to sing… So, there’s nothing more natural then singing a Christmas song!