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Goes CRAZY for Walks

Poppy is an adorable Chihuahua found abandoned in the woods. She really loves walks with her family. This rescue dog loves the word W-A-L-K-S. Owners can’t say the word without her freaking out. 🙂 Does your dog like walks?


Rescue Kitten & Senior Dogs

These senior Chihuahuas have a new family member. They are basically grandparents to this furry and tiny kitten. Check out this ADORABLE family! 🙂 How old is your dog? Watch & Smile:


Chihuahua’s Marriage

These two rescue Chihuahuas got married. Lola and Miguel were adopted and they are always together! They help each other heal from the abuse they may have suffered by previous owners. How cute are these dogs on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Smile:


Rescuing Amy, the Chihuahua

Amy was another abandoned and injured puppy that needed saving. She was so scared and hurt in her leg… Fortunately ‘Hope for Paws’ managed to get her, treat her and save her 🙂 Watch, Help and be Happy!


Saving Jenny!

This is the story of Jenny’s rescue! At first she didn’t trust her saviors, but at the end all turned out OK… We wish there were more organisations like this one! Watch and be happy:


Rescued From A Puppy Mill

This is the story of Billy! A cute Chihuahua that was rescued from a puppy mill… Any thoughts about it? Watch and smile!


Happy Tail… Animal Rescue

Another lovely story of a rescued Chihuahua! Happy Tail is her name, and she is really a happy puppy! Love to see her like this… Watch and smile!


Rescuing a Chihuahua in 1 Hour

This is Sunshine. She was held at a pound for some time, and she looked angry and suspicious every time someone tried to reach her… Until Tammy showed up! She is kind of a whisperer, and it worked perfectly! Sunshine looks so happy! Must-See!!


Lived His Entire Life in Pain

This is Odin! He has lived his entire life in pain… Thankfully he finally got help from a rescue. Watch and learn more about his story:


Rescuing a Scared Homeless Chihuahua

This video shows the rescuing of scared homeless little Chihuahua that was living under a busy highway. After his rescue, Frankie received some comfort from Miley. They’ve immediately bonded with each other. Watch and enjoy: A $5 donation from many people would make all the difference to so many animals: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

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