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Husky & Tiny Chihuahua

This beautiful Husky is Mikey! And he is being such an adorable friend to this tiny Chihuahua! Watch and be happy!


Heart Shaped Markings

Meet Heart and Love! These two Chi puppies from Japan got a really special gift from their mummy, in their fur… They look lovely! Don’t you think ?


Cute Puppy Wants To Eat You

This is one of the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen… And he is hungry! 😀 He’s trying to eat his owner… Doesn’t he look ADORABLE? Here’s an useful article: Puppy Feeding Guide


Chihuahua Puppy vs Boxer

Chihuahua puppies are so cute and adorable… Even for other dogs! 😀 Look at how careful this Boxer is… not to harm the small Chi while their playing… Lovely! Does your pup also have a big friend?


Super Cute Baby Chihuahua

OMG! This super cute baby Chihuahua is sooooo cute! I think I never saw such an adorable Chi!! Look at him having a snack and getting some petting… A MUST-SEE!


Popcorn Chihuahuas

If there is a baby puppy that can fit almost everywhere, it is our favorite one! Baby Chihuahuas! Look at these small & adorable puppies inside a small popcorn box… SO CUTE!


Chihuahua Puppy Babysat by German Shepard

This video is all about tenderness! Such a patient German Shepard watching out for this cute and small Chihuahua… It’s amazing how our 4-legged friends can be so much friendlier to each other 🙂 We LOVE this, do you?


Trying New Outfits

This micro Chihuahua girl is trying some new outfits on! After a lot of play… her owner dresses her and two other baby Chihuahuas with some cute outfits… They looked so cute and funny!

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