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Puppy Academy Graduation

This is Fenris! Today he is showing us the results of his training on the Puppy Academy. We think he did very well, don’t you? 😀 Watch and be happy:


Superman Puppy

This puppy is just the most adorable thing in the World! He’s drinking his mummy’s milk and lifting his legs like he’s flying… So Cute!! Watch and be happy.


New Friend!

Meet Peppy! This Chihuahua puppy is Trixie’s new friend, and they seem to have a lot of fun together! They are both so adorable… Watch and be happy.


Tiny Chihuahua Learns to Swim

Dogs are natural swimmers, we all know that… But it doesn’t mean they don’t need a little help to start. This beautiful tiny Chihuahua is starting to learn, and he does it so fast! Watch and be happy.


Little Girl Puppy On The Snow

Oh, this Chihuahua puppy is so cute!! She’s being pulled by her owner in a little sled on the snow… I’m sure she’s loving the experience… Does your pup love the snow too?


Puppy Thinks She’s a Baby Goat

The latest attraction at Sunflower Farm is Lola, a 8-week-old Chihuahua puppy. Soon after arriving she became friends with goat kids Princess Leia and Lady Bug! Now she thinks she’s a baby goat! Watch & Smile:


Introducing Trixi

Meet Trixi. This 3-month-old Chihuahua girl is just so adorable and beautiful! And look at her, she is so energetic… She can’t stop! Watch and smile:


Puppy Having a Dream

Chihuahua puppies are the most wonderful thing!! Even when they’re sleeping… This little puppy is dreaming… What do you think he is dreaming with? Watch and be happy!


Puppies Dreaming…

OMG! These two puppies are just so lovely! Look at them having a dream… Probably about some milk! 😀 Watch and smile:

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