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Having Fun in The Swimming Pool

Mathilda and Augusto are two ADORABLE Chihuahuas. 🙂 Look at them having fun in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. After all the play in the pool, they run around in the garden and enjoy the sunshine! Does your dog like to swim? Watch & Answer:


Pool Time

It’s Summer time! These Chihuahuas are having a great and refreshing day at the pool. Check out how graceful they are. 🙂 Does your pooch like to swim? Watch & Answer:


Having Fun In The Pool

Chihuahua’s are very good swimmers… This little fellow show us exactly that, and he even goes trough pool tunnels! 😀 Does your pup also swim this good? Watch and smile.


Chihuahuas in The Pool

These 2 cute Chihuahuas are very good swimmers! Here they are having fun in the pool. Does your pup know how to swim? Watch and enjoy:  


Pool Party

Tommy, the Chihuahua, and Gracie, the Cat, are best buddies. The Summer is coming. So it’s time to go outdoors and do… …a POOL PARTY!


Chihuahua Playing Pool

Chihuahuas are so cute! And they have some unknown skills… Amadeus, the Chihuahua, is the World’s smallest pool player. He just LOOOOVES to play pool.