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Having Fun Indoors

Cedric doesn’t get to go outside much during the cold Canadian winter. To keep him happy his owner has come up with some easy games and tricks for him to play. All she needs is Cedric’s favourite snack, his favourite toys and some tricks or commands he already knows! 🙂 Is your dog this obedient? […]


Pancho’s Funniest Day

Chihuahuas are energetic dogs… They need to spend their liveliness through healthy activities… Pancho the Chihuahua loves to play fetch on the beach with his owner Nic. Enjoy this cute and funny moment between owner and dog! 🙂 How often do you play fetch with your dog? Watch & Comment:


Tommy vs Gracie

Another funny video about cats and dogs playing! 😀 This time it’s Tommy and his friend Gracie, having a “fight” play… Tommy is a tough gut but he is no match for the agile Gracie! Does your pets also play like this? Show us!


Chihuahua Puppies Playing

It’s time for some PUPPY LOVE! Here are 3 newborn Chihuahua puppies learning to walk and play! How cute is this? Watch and enjoy:


Chihuahua Playing Piano And Drum

This beautiful long-haired Chihuahua is a talented pup! He LOVES to play piano and drum… He’s a great performer! Don’t believe us? Check it out…


Chihuahua vs Pit Bull vs Cat

This tiny Chihuahua is a brave puppy! He takes on a Pit Bull and then a cat… The Pit Bull and the cat love the adorable pup. So cute and sweet.


Chihuahua Annoying the Doberman

Pablo, the Chihuahua, and Ramsey, the Doberman, are best friends. Pablo wants to play… …but Ramsey is taking a nap! So, Pablo decides to annoy her… So FUNNY!


Kitten Loves Chihuahua

This tiny kitten loves his buddy Chihuahua! The kitten wants to play but the Chihuahua is tired and wants to take a nap… This video is adorable… Watch and Enjoy: