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Chihuahua & Pitbull

Such beautiful dogs!! This Chihuahua and this Pit-bull are best friends. Does your Chi have a big buddy?


Fearless Chihuahua vs Sweetie Pitbull

Our Chihuahua friends are fearless! In this video this little Chihuahua is playing with a friendly Pitbull… Aren’t they adorable? Such care not to hurt each other!


Chihuahua vs Pitbull & Cat

This is Abby, a tiny Chihuahua who is always playing with her friends Ruby and Fiona (Pitbull and Cat)… We can see that they are so careful not to hurt Abby and to play with her nicely. Watch these happy friends and tell us about your puppy friends too!


Chihuahua vs Pit Bull vs Cat

This tiny Chihuahua is a brave puppy! He takes on a Pit Bull and then a cat… The Pit Bull and the cat love the adorable pup. So cute and sweet.