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Stuck In The Middle With You

This awesome video is brought to you by The Shaggy Shack Pack… …a pack of Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls! The song says it all… Lots of happy, loved and good dogs, enjoying being dogs!


Chihuahua Adopts Orphaned Pit Bull Puppy

This adorable little mother was abandoned at a high kill shelter because she was pregnant. Luckily “The Mutt Movement” rescued her… She was brought to a safe, warm, loving home to have her babies. While she was there, she also took in an orphaned pit bull puppy…


No One Touches The Cookies!

Pablo, the Chihuahua, is protecting the cookies… …from a Doberman and a Pit Bull! No one touches the cookies!! He is the BOSS.


Who’s the Bad Dog?

Pablo, the Chihuahua, lives happily with Ramsey, the Doberman, and Suvi, the Pit Bull… A small dog living with two big dogs… Can you guess who’s the “bad” dog? Who’s in charge of the house? Well… It’s Pablo, the tiny Chihuahua! Animal Planet made a visit to Pablo’s house. They spent the day filming for […]