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Animal Party

These ADORABLE Chihuahuas are playing and having fun with Pomeranians and Yorkies. Take a look at this amazing costume party for small dogs. 🙂 SO FUNNY! Does your dog like parties? Watch & Comment:


Chihuahua Carnival Party

This is so adorable!! These Chihuahuas got together for a Carnival party with their owners… Which one do you like the most? Watch and smile.


Christmas Party!

These Chihuahuas got together to celebrate last Christmas! And what a party it must have been 😀 They seem so happy playing together! Watch and be happy.


Chihuahua Race & Party!!

This is amazing! So many Chihuahuas having the time of their lives… They make races, and then they have a party, play and eat all together! Watch and laugh.


Trixi’s 2nd Birthday Party

It’s Trixi’s 2nd Anniversary! She invited her friends to the party… a cat, a lizard and a parrot! Her owner has prepared some candies for everybody… They look delicious! Happy B-Day Trixi!


Margarita Party

It’s puppy time again… These cute little Chihuahua puppies will make your day happier. They are SO ADORABLE and SO LITTLE that you just want to take one out of the video and take him home with you to pet him! Watch and be happy:


Pool Party

Tommy, the Chihuahua, and Gracie, the Cat, are best buddies. The Summer is coming. So it’s time to go outdoors and do… …a POOL PARTY!