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Eating Ice Cream in Slow Motion

It’s Summer Time! These ADORABLE Chihuahuas, Augusto and Kenzo, are enjoying a hot afternoon at the Dog Park. 🙂 Look at them eating a refreshing ice cream in slow motion. Does your Chihuahua like Ice Cream? Watch & Smile:


Climbing & Sliding

Dahlila the Chihuahua loves to have fun at the park… She loves fun and games! She’s climbing up the ladder and sliding down with her best friend, Kate. 🙂 Does your dog like to have fun outdoors? Watch & Comment:


Shocking Experience

Nic and Pancho the Chihuahua had a shocking experience at the dog park. This wise Chihuahua decided to say something about it… 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE! Is your dog this smart? Watch & Comment:


Huge Problem

Pancho the cute Chihuahua is going to the dog park with his owner Nic… It seems there is a huge problem: Pancho is no longer protected against fleas and ticks! Nic is very inventive and found a creative idea to solve the problem… 🙂 Thank good Pancho isn’t a Mastiff! What is your solution for […]


Tiny Dog vs. Big Dogs

It’s time for our daily battle… …TINY DOG vs. BIG DOGS! This tiny little dog “dusted” all the big dogs at the dog park and had them all tired! Watch & enjoy:


A Day With Megan

Meet Megan, a cute Chihuahua. Here’s a day of her busy life… She goes to the beach, to the park, to a photo shoot and much more! She really knows how to enjoy life!