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Owners Leave Dog With Pet Sitter

Pablo the Chihuahua’s family dropped him at the pet sitter and never come back for him. Terrified, Pablo wouldn’t do anything but bark. At the sitter, Pablo was being forced to live in a closet because he was barking too much. Thus, AMA Animal Rescue took him immediately. Pablo was finally safe, but he was […]


Chihuahua & Snow Boots

This Chihuahua isn’t very happy with the present he got from his owners. It seems he is having trouble to get used to his new dog snow boots. In the video, he’s gently trying to get rid of the boots. How would your pooch react? Watch & Comment:


Feet’s Obsession

This little Chihuahua has a secret passion… She just loves her owner’s feet… Look how happy she is removing her owner’s socks and kissing her feets! 🙂 What makes your dog go crazy? Watch & Answer: