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Nic & Pancho T-Shirt

Nic & Pancho put together the worst commercial ever made. πŸ™‚ Still, it’s cute and funny. Check out the new Nic and Pancho T-Shirt! How adorable is Pancho on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Comment:


Where is Pancho?

Pancho is lost and Nic needs your help. πŸ™‚ You have 5 seconds to find the Chihuahua in 5 different situations. Write the solution in the comments! Does your dog like to play hide and seek? Watch & have fun:


Huge Problem

Pancho the cute Chihuahua is going to the dog park with his owner Nic… It seems there is a huge problem: Pancho is no longer protected against fleas and ticks! Nic is very inventive and found a creative idea to solve the problem… πŸ™‚ Thank good Pancho isn’t a Mastiff! What is your solution for […]


Feed Pancho – The Videogame

Nic & Pancho are doing the funniest videos! πŸ˜€ This time, they invented a video game called “Feed Pancho” and it really seems like one! Watch and laugh.


Where is Pancho? (Game)

Nic & Pancho had the idea to play a game called “Where is Pancho?”. In these 3 photos in different situations, can you find our little fellow? It’s so hard! πŸ˜€ Watch and try it out!


Pancho Exhausted by Nic

Pancho has the biggest patience on Earth to be with Nic! Even if he spends the day singing a funny song to him πŸ˜€ Does your pup like your singing? Show us!!


Nic & Pancho Answer Fans

Nic & Pancho have more and more fans every day! They’ve taken the chance to answer to some of their questions… If you want to know more about them,Β this video is for you! Watch and smile.


Halloween Costumes Rehearsal

Nic & Pacho are trying outfits for Halloween… Pancho looks amazing in all of them! πŸ˜€ Which one do you like best? Watch and laugh:


Bath Surprise

Nic & Pancho are back with another hilarious video! Pancho can’t have a bath because he’s using the anti-fleas product. So Nic has a surprise! Watch and laugh:


Pancho’s Many Faces

Today Nic & Pancho are at the vet doing cross words… And look at that! Pancho got them all right! In a hilarious way! πŸ˜€ Watch and laugh:

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