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Protecting Newborn Babies

Corky the Chihuahua loves his new little baby sisters… He’s protecting the adorable newborn twin girls while they sleep. These babies will be lucky girls! 🙂 Does your dog like babies? Watch & Comment:


Chihuahua Puppies Playing

It’s time for some PUPPY LOVE! Here are 3 newborn Chihuahua puppies learning to walk and play! How cute is this? Watch and enjoy:


Amazing Chihuahua Birth

Here’s an amazing video of a Chihuahua giving birth (Viewer discretion is advised). This lovely little Chihuahua Momma was left at a high kill shelter in LA because she was pregnant, like so many as a result of irresponsible owners. The majority of puppies will not survive at the shelter due to diseases like Parvo, […]