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Trying New Outfits

This micro Chihuahua girl is trying some new outfits on! After a lot of play… her owner dresses her and two other baby Chihuahuas with some cute outfits… They looked so cute and funny!


5 Weeks Old Micro Chihuahua Eating

This is sooooo lovely! This Chihuahua is super super tiny, and his owner just filmed him having a meal… He barely has the size to eat from his bowl… And it’s so Adorable! Watch and smile!!


Tiny White Chihuahua Puppy

Is there anything more adorable & sweet than a Chihuahua puppy? Prepare to get your heart melted with this… …tiny white Chihuahua puppy!


Spanky Wants to Become a Real Dog

Here’s an adorable Chihuahua tale… This story is about a toy played by micro dwarf chihuahua, Spanky, who wants to become a real dog… …tormented by funny Jamaican Chihuahua and┬ásaved by mighty Bull Mastiff! Watch and Enjoy: