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Excuse Me…

This Chihuahua loves his owner. But his big brother is in the middle of the way. 🙂 SO FUNNY! Does your pooch do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Family & Love

This Chihuahua finally found a family. He lost all his teeth while waiting in a shelter, but his new family really loves him. Watch the video and meet this lucky dog. 🙂 Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Comment:


Entertaining Baby

Summit the Chihuahua just loves his little sister. Check out this adorable moment captured by his owner. 🙂 They certainly will be best friends! Does your dog have a little sister or brother? Watch & Comment:


Cute Puppy & Radishes

Cedric is a funny little Chihuahua… He loves radishes more than he loves his dog snacks! Watch him performing some tricks and enjoying his delicious radish. 🙂 Does your dog like vegetables? Watch & Like:


Brushing Teeth

Cody the little Chihuahua knows how important is to keep his gums and teeth clean… He loves to help his owners out when they are brushing his teeth. 🙂 SO CUTE! Do your brush your dog’s teeth? Watch & Comment:


Really Wants a Cookie

This is Topher, the dog. He really loves cookies and… …lets everyone know it! HILARIOUS!


Loves to do Tricks

Meet Daisy, the Chihuahua! She’s very talented and LOVES to do tricks. Phenomenal training and filming! Daisy is absolutely adorable and charming to watch.


Kitten Loves Chihuahua

This tiny kitten loves his buddy Chihuahua! The kitten wants to play but the Chihuahua is tired and wants to take a nap… This video is adorable… Watch and Enjoy: