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Chihuahua Are Good Nannies

Chihuahuas are little, lovely and brave dogs. In the video, they are protecting and taking care of babies! Check out the compilation of the best nannies ever. 🙂 Does your dog like to be around babies? Watch & Smile:


RooRoo: The Happy Chihuahua

RooRoo is a lovely Chihuahua pup. He was born without his two front legs. 🙂 He was brought to a shelter and already has an adoption family! Check out how happy he is. Do your have a rescued dog?


Love Kisses

This Chihuahua is a lovely pup. He just goes crazy when his owner gives him love kisses. 🙂 SO CUTE! How often do you kiss your dog? Watch & Smile:


Just Too Cute!

This video contains LOTS OF CUTENESS… Pancho is a lovely Chihuahua. No one can resist those sweet watery eyes! How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Smile: