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Family & Love

This Chihuahua finally found a family. He lost all his teeth while waiting in a shelter, but his new family really loves him. Watch the video and meet this lucky dog. 🙂 Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Comment:


Where is Pancho?

Pancho is lost and Nic needs your help. 🙂 You have 5 seconds to find the Chihuahua in 5 different situations. Write the solution in the comments! Does your dog like to play hide and seek? Watch & have fun:


Jennifer Lawrence Rescued Katherine Heigl’s Chihuahua

Katherine Heigl found an unlikely saviour when her favourite dog, a tongue-hanging Chihuahua called Gertie, went missing at her Manhattan hotel Thursday. The Emmy winner recalled on Friday morning’s Today Show how the dog escaped her room and then a voice in the hallway yelled: ‘Whose dog is this? Somebody lost their dog!’ It was […]