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Meeting a Newborn Baby

Chihuahuas are the cutest dogs ever. This Chihuahua dog is so happy to meet his new little brother! Look at his adorable reaction. 🙂 How would your dog react? Watch & Comment:


Arwyn, The Rescued Chihuahua

Arwyn is a beautiful rescued chihuahua. She has a happy life now… She loves cuddling with her roommates, two sphynx cats. 🙂 CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Do you have a rescued pup? Watch & Smile:


Happy & Lucky Dog

This Chihuahua was born with only two legs. Nevertheless, he’s a lucky dog. 🙂 His parents think he’s perfect no matter what! How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Answer:


Chihuahua & Snow Boots

This Chihuahua isn’t very happy with the present he got from his owners. It seems he is having trouble to get used to his new dog snow boots. In the video, he’s gently trying to get rid of the boots. How would your pooch react? Watch & Comment:


RooRoo: The Happy Chihuahua

RooRoo is a lovely Chihuahua pup. He was born without his two front legs. 🙂 He was brought to a shelter and already has an adoption family! Check out how happy he is. Do your have a rescued dog?


Puppy Game

These Chihuahua puppies are having a good time enjoying a game of fetch with their owner. 🙂 Until their big brother, a Bernese Mountain Dog interrupts them by fetching the toys all for himself. Check out this wonderful dog family… They look very happy together! Does your Chihuahua like other dogs?


Feet’s Obsession

This little Chihuahua has a secret passion… She just loves her owner’s feet… Look how happy she is removing her owner’s socks and kissing her feets! 🙂 What makes your dog go crazy? Watch & Answer:


Having Fun Indoors

Cedric doesn’t get to go outside much during the cold Canadian winter. To keep him happy his owner has come up with some easy games and tricks for him to play. All she needs is Cedric’s favourite snack, his favourite toys and some tricks or commands he already knows! 🙂 Is your dog this obedient? […]


Rescuing a Chihuahua in 1 Hour

This is Sunshine. She was held at a pound for some time, and she looked angry and suspicious every time someone tried to reach her… Until Tammy showed up! She is kind of a whisperer, and it worked perfectly! Sunshine looks so happy! Must-See!!