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What Does Pancho Think?

Pancho the Chihuahua is playing a game with his owner. Pancho’s owner is trying to guess his favorite toy by reading his body language. 🙂 SO FUNNY! What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Smile:


Little Puppies Defeat Giant Dog

This huge Bernese Mountain Dog challenges his little friends to a game of tug-of-war. The two tiny Chihuahua puppies are tough guys! Size matters but it’s not everything. 🙂 What is your dog’s favorite game? Watch & Comment:


Puppy Game

These Chihuahua puppies are having a good time enjoying a game of fetch with their owner. 🙂 Until their big brother, a Bernese Mountain Dog interrupts them by fetching the toys all for himself. Check out this wonderful dog family… They look very happy together! Does your Chihuahua like other dogs?


Masters Shell Game

This Chihuahua is a very smart pup… Look at how he plays the Shell Game like a human! What do you think about it?


Where is Pancho? (Game)

Nic & Pancho had the idea to play a game called “Where is Pancho?”. In these 3 photos in different situations, can you find our little fellow? It’s so hard! 😀 Watch and try it out!