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Puppy Levitates When Eating

This Chihuahua levitates when eating… It seems he really loves his food. He should definitely take his levitating act on tour. 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE! What is your dog’s favorite snack? Watch & Comment:


Eating Ice Cream in Slow Motion

It’s Summer Time! These ADORABLE Chihuahuas, Augusto and Kenzo, are enjoying a hot afternoon at the Dog Park. 🙂 Look at them eating a refreshing ice cream in slow motion. Does your Chihuahua like Ice Cream? Watch & Smile:


Table for Two?

Bonnie the Chihuahua hates eating alone… She’s a very social dog. When her food bowl is placed away from her furry friend Clyde’s bowl… No matter how hungry she’s… Bonnie picks up her bowl and walks it over to her pal’s. 🙂 Does your dog go along with other dogs? Watch & Smile:


Eating With Hands Holding Her Bowl

This Chihuahua has learned to eat with hands holding her bowl and wiping her mount after finish eating. Have you seen a dog eating like this? Don is having herself a quick snack. All tricks were taught with Positive reinforcement.


5 Weeks Old Micro Chihuahua Eating

This is sooooo lovely! This Chihuahua is super super tiny, and his owner just filmed him having a meal… He barely has the size to eat from his bowl… And it’s so Adorable! Watch and smile!!