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Excited Dog Runs Circles Down Stairs

There many ways dogs can exercise! This cute little Chihuahua gets his energy out by running in well timed circles down the stairs… HILARIOUS. Watch & Laugh:


Spanish Lessons – Lay Down

Pancho the famous yoga Chihuahua is learning Spanish words with his owner Nic! He is learning “acuestate”, that in Spanish is “lay down”! He is a fast learner and he figures out what the word “acuestate” means and follows his owner’s command! Does your Chihuahua know more than one language? Watch and smile:


Handstands Down Stairs

This Chihuahua is training to be an acrobat. So he takes every chance to train a bit… Here he is going down the stairs using two legs only!


15 Tricks!

Here’s Sebastian, the Chihuahua, doing 15 cool tricks! …sit, lie down, roll over… …crawl, high five, shake… …play dead, speak, spin… …and more! So COOL!