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Dogs Skype Call

Pancho and Spike are very close friends. But they live far from each other… So they call each other every morning on Skype!


World Dog Cup

These dogs are preparing and training for their next soccer match. They dream of winning the World Dog Cup. This team is amazing. Two of the stars are Chihuahuas… The goalkeeper and the striker! We’re rooting for them!


Riding on The Stroller

These Chihuahuas love to ride on their stroller… But only when they’re… …pulled by two dogs! So cute and convenient…


Being Cute & Small

In this funny video compilation… You’ll see several different Chihuahua’s doing what they do best: Being cute and small! A MUST-SEE.


Two Legged Chihuahua Puppies

Back in 2011, the MSPCA welcomed three Chihuahua puppies born without front legs! Kensi, Hetty and G., all with 10-week-old, arrived at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm after their owner passed away. The adoption center staff quickly assessed that the Chihuahuas were adapting to life without front legs and could be potential candidates for wheeled […]


Chihuahua’s Gone Wild

Welcome to Chihuahua Land! It’s crazy treat time! The puppies in daycare weren’t too happy with the low fat, low calorie dog treats… They wanted the tasty meat treats.


Thai Chihuahuas at the Beach

Meet Dukdik and Wanwan, the Thai Chihuahuas. Here they are, in their first visit to the Koh Lan beach in Pattaya. They’ve had a great time there! Adorable.


What Dogs Are Really Thinking

This video is absolutely hilarious… Here’s what this Chihuahua is thinking: “I know what you’re thinking… come on, say it!” “Nice pink shirt you got… say it!” “Well, I don’t really care what you think of it. You know… because I like it a lot!” “It’s my favorite shirt, man! I kinda think it brings […]

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