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Eating Ice Cream in Slow Motion

It’s Summer Time! These ADORABLE Chihuahuas, Augusto and Kenzo, are enjoying a hot afternoon at the Dog Park. 🙂 Look at them eating a refreshing ice cream in slow motion. Does your Chihuahua like Ice Cream? Watch & Smile:


Dog Trick School

This Chihuahua Trick School is just amazing… These little dogs have learned tricks and practiced running through the agility course for years. Today, they are very well trained dogs! 🙂 How many tricks does your dog perform? Watch & Enjoy:


Happy & Lucky Dog

This Chihuahua was born with only two legs. Nevertheless, he’s a lucky dog. 🙂 His parents think he’s perfect no matter what! How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Answer:


Tiny Dog Clothes

Cedric the little Chihuahua models tiny dog clothes. He got new fashion clothes and he is showing them off! Check out Cedric’s winter lookbook video. 🙂 Do you dress your dog? Watch & Smile:


Little Puppies Defeat Giant Dog

This huge Bernese Mountain Dog challenges his little friends to a game of tug-of-war. The two tiny Chihuahua puppies are tough guys! Size matters but it’s not everything. 🙂 What is your dog’s favorite game? Watch & Comment:


Lazy & Smart

Taiyo the Bernese Mountain Dog is relaxing in the living room. At the same time, he doesn’t want the Chihuahua puppies to take his toy… 🙂 So he decides to put his big heavy arm on it. Is your dog this lazy? Watch & Smile:


Puppy Game

These Chihuahua puppies are having a good time enjoying a game of fetch with their owner. 🙂 Until their big brother, a Bernese Mountain Dog interrupts them by fetching the toys all for himself. Check out this wonderful dog family… They look very happy together! Does your Chihuahua like other dogs?


Chihuahuas in Cart

Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs by nature… These Chihuahuas are very lucky dogs. 🙂 This Bernese Mountain Dog looks happy while pulling his two adopted Chihuahua friends in a cart! Look at them enjoying a sunny afternoon at the lake. Who is your dog’s best friend?


Shocking Experience

Nic and Pancho the Chihuahua had a shocking experience at the dog park. This wise Chihuahua decided to say something about it… 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE! Is your dog this smart? Watch & Comment:


The Perfect Couch

Lola is a very social Chihuahua. She loves hanging out with her dog buddies indoors. 🙂 Meet Grace, Lola’s patient big sister! Does your dog go along with other dogs? Watch & Comment:

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