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Chihuahua Teasing Doberman

Pablo, the Chihuahua, has one purpose in his life… …to tease his big sister Ramsey, the Doberman! Chihuahuas RULE!


No One Touches The Cookies!

Pablo, the Chihuahua, is protecting the cookies… …from a Doberman and a Pit Bull! No one touches the cookies!! He is the BOSS.


Chihuahua Annoying the Doberman

Pablo, the Chihuahua, and Ramsey, the Doberman, are best friends. Pablo wants to play… …but Ramsey is taking a nap! So, Pablo decides to annoy her… So FUNNY!


Who’s the Bad Dog?

Pablo, the Chihuahua, lives happily with Ramsey, the Doberman, and Suvi, the Pit Bull… A small dog living with two big dogs… Can you guess who’s the “bad” dog? Who’s in charge of the house? Well… It’s Pablo, the tiny Chihuahua! Animal Planet made a visit to Pablo’s house. They spent the day filming for […]