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Pool Time

It’s Summer time! These Chihuahuas are having a great and refreshing day at the pool. Check out how graceful they are. 🙂 Does your pooch like to swim? Watch & Answer:


Pancho’s Funniest Day

Chihuahuas are energetic dogs… They need to spend their liveliness through healthy activities… Pancho the Chihuahua loves to play fetch on the beach with his owner Nic. Enjoy this cute and funny moment between owner and dog! 🙂 How often do you play fetch with your dog? Watch & Comment:


Tommy’s Graduation Day

This time Puppy Academy brings us Tommy! A beautiful Chihuahua that graduated his training course… He is such a clever boy! Watch and smile:


A Day With Megan

Meet Megan, a cute Chihuahua. Here’s a day of her busy life… She goes to the beach, to the park, to a photo shoot and much more! She really knows how to enjoy life!


Chihuahua Tells a Story

Pablo, the Chihuahua, had a rough day! So, he needs to talk to someone about it… …to feel better! Here he is telling his daddy a story.


Chihuahua Road Trip!

Join Ninja as she picks up her friends to spend a beautiful summer’s day! The friends cruise around the city of Turku, Finland, to end up in a villa by the beach. Then it’s time to put on their new clothes and enjoy for the rest of the day in the cool summer’s breeze at […]