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Dancing Happily

This video is full of cute dancing dogs. Watch these little pups dancing like professionals! CHIHUAHUAS RULE. 🙂 Does your dog like to dance? Watch & Smile:


Chihuahua Dancing Flamenco

All Chihuahuas have Spanish blood and like all Latinos they love to dance! This cute Chihuahua dog is dancing Flamenco… I would say that he does it like a professional! So cute in his hind legs moving along with the music rhythm… SO FUNNY! Does your Chihuahua dance?  


Chihuahua Christmas Dance

This is Sanchez, the Chihuahua! He loves Christmas so much… Here he is dancing in front of the Christmas tree to “Donde Esta Santa Claus?” Watch and enjoy:


Chihuahua Breakdancing

Meet Mojo Jojo, the Chihuahua. Usually after taking a bath he goes crazy… Here he is breakdancing! Watch & enjoy:


Dancing On Hind Legs

Patticake, the Chihuahua, appreciates the finer things, such as a good whistle. She can’t help but get up on her hind legs… …and do a little dance. Watch & enjoy:


Chihuahua Dancing Techno Music

You may already know Pancho, the Chihuahua dog. He is famous for his yoga sessions with his owner Nic. But it seems Pancho has other amazing skills. Here he is dancing techno music!


Dancing Waka Waka

Rambo, the Chihuahua, loves Shakira… and he loves to dance! So, here he is dancing Waka Waka. He’s such a great dancer, isn’t he?