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Nic & Pancho T-Shirt

Nic & Pancho put together the worst commercial ever made. 🙂 Still, it’s cute and funny. Check out the new Nic and Pancho T-Shirt! How adorable is Pancho on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Comment:


Too Cute!

These Chihuahua puppies are just TOO CUTE. They are here to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. 🙂 Look at them playing and being adorable. PUPPIES RULE! How cute are these pups on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Enjoy:


Finding Homes For 22 Cute Dogs

Here is the seventh “Operation Chihuahua airlift”. 🙂 These 22 tiny pups flew in style from San Francisco to New York so they can be adopted into loving families! CHIHUAHUAS RULE. Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Like:


Chihuahua Mannequin Challenge

Cedric the cute puppy size Chihuahua performs the viral mannequin challenge. He has two dinosaur toy friends to show him the way. 🙂 Check out little Cedric and his big plastic friends! Is your dog this cute and small? Watch & Like:


Cute Sized Chihuahua

Cedric is a cute puppy sized Chihuahua. In the video, he is doing easy dog tricks! He loves to explore new places and have fun outdoors. 🙂 How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Smile:


Cute Tricks

These six smart long-haired Chihuahuas named Ziara, Roosi, Tiffany, Augusto, Mathilda and Happy are amazing dogs. They are here to show you their cute synchronized tricks and agility. 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE! What is your dog’s ultimate trick? Watch & Enjoy:


Cute Bath

Cedric the Chihuahua puppy is taking a bath today. This tiny dog hates bath time, but he’s always calm while being washed. After the bath, he’s the happiest dog in the world! 🙂 Does your dog like to take a bath? Watch & Comment:


Swimming Lesson

This cute and tiny Chihuahua is having her first swimming lesson… Even before she gets in the pool, she is moving her tiny arms and paddling above the water. 🙂 CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Does your dog like to swim? Watch & Smile:


Dancing Happily

This video is full of cute dancing dogs. Watch these little pups dancing like professionals! CHIHUAHUAS RULE. 🙂 Does your dog like to dance? Watch & Smile:


Chihuahua vs. Fingers

This tiny Chihuahua is being just TOO CUTE. He’s wrestling with his owner’s foot. 🙂 SO ADORABLE! Does your pup do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:

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