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Feline Kisses

This cute cat is kissing a Chihuahua. It seems the Chihuahua wants to leave but the bed it’s too comfy! SO FUNNY. 🙂 Does your Chihuahua like cats? Watch & Smile:


New Haircut & Cat

This ADORABLE and patient Chihuahua has a new haircut for the Summer… The family cat is just checking it out. 🙂 It seems they are very good friends! Is your dog this patient? Watch & Comment:


Pancho is … a Cat ?

Today Pancho is a little bit different… I don’t know… but he seems to have awaken today thinking he’s a cat! 😀 Watch and laugh!


Tommy vs Gracie

Another funny video about cats and dogs playing! 😀 This time it’s Tommy and his friend Gracie, having a “fight” play… Tommy is a tough gut but he is no match for the agile Gracie! Does your pets also play like this? Show us!


Chihuahua vs Pitbull & Cat

This is Abby, a tiny Chihuahua who is always playing with her friends Ruby and Fiona (Pitbull and Cat)… We can see that they are so careful not to hurt Abby and to play with her nicely. Watch these happy friends and tell us about your puppy friends too!


Chihuahua & Cat

These Chihuahua and cat are best buddies! Here they are sharing the same bed and cuddling each other… …and then playing and having a little fun! Does your Chihuahua have a cat playmate? Watch and smile:


Carries Cat Home

The cat doesn’t want to come home… The Chihuahua has the solution! He carries the cat back home! LOL


Cat Witch & Devil Dog

Meet Tommy, the Chihuahua, and Gracie, the Cat. They are ready for Halloween? Tommy is the Devil Dog and Gracie the Cat Witch! Watch and enjoy:


Pool Party

Tommy, the Chihuahua, and Gracie, the Cat, are best buddies. The Summer is coming. So it’s time to go outdoors and do… …a POOL PARTY!


Chihuahua vs Cat Wrestling Competition

Here’s the main wrestling event of the day… Sibelius, the Chihuahua and Kiki, the cat, wrestle for the ultra-light world weight pet championship title! The winner? Watch and decide you should be the winner…

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