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Best Breed Ever

Chihuahuas are known for their huge hearts, but they have big brains too. Watch this video and find out more about this amazing breed. 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE! How many Chihuahuas did you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Best Breed Ever: Chihuahua!

Chihuahua is the best breed ever! Right? Did you know that Chihuahuas ancestors have been cuddling with their owners as long ago as 9th century AD? These dogs are known for their big hearts, but did you know they have big brains, too? Do you have a Chihuahua? Tell us about your pet in the […]


Doglopedia: Chihuahua!

Here’s a short, fun overview of Chihuahua… …presented by ME, the Chihuahua! Yep, this time I get to train you! Happy petting!


Chihuahua 101

The Chihuahua is elegant, small and compact; it is a bit longer than it is tall. It has a saucy expression and an alert, terrier-like mindset. It should move out at a quick pace with good reach and drive. Its coat can be smooth, with soft, glossy hair or long, with soft straight or wavy […]