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Cedric’s Birthday

It’s Cedric’s birthday. He got a fluffy duck that squeaks. Tiny Cedric loves to cuddle up with it and lay his head on it or snuggle up next to it. It is so adorable! 🙂 Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?


Whole Hen For Birthday

This is Cedric’s birthday, he turns 4 years old! For his birthday, his owner offers him a whole boiled organic cornish hen. The whole hen was too much for him… He had it for dinner for the whole birthday week! 🙂 Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Watch & Comment:


Trixi’s 2nd Birthday Party

It’s Trixi’s 2nd Anniversary! She invited her friends to the party… a cat, a lizard and a parrot! Her owner has prepared some candies for everybody… They look delicious! Happy B-Day Trixi!