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Feline Kisses

This cute cat is kissing a Chihuahua. It seems the Chihuahua wants to leave but the bed it’s too comfy! SO FUNNY. 🙂 Does your Chihuahua like cats? Watch & Smile:


Tiny Bedroom

This Chihuahua has his own bedroom… His owner created a tiny bedroom just for him! Check out this lucky dog enjoying his little bed. 🙂 How is your dog’s bedroom? Watch & Comment:


Pancho Wants To Stay In Bed

Pancho, the Chihuahua, loves his owner’s bed… There’s no way no way to make him jump off the bed! Is your pup a bed lover like Pancho?


Daisy Hates Food in Bed

This has to be one of the most special Chihuahuas we’ve ever seen! And we’ve seen a lot… Daisy has to be one of the few dogs in the world that refuses to eat food in bed… She is such a classy girl! eh-eh Does your dog eat in bed? Let us know!


Chihuahua & Cat

These Chihuahua and cat are best buddies! Here they are sharing the same bed and cuddling each other… …and then playing and having a little fun! Does your Chihuahua have a cat playmate? Watch and smile:


Bed Time…

Meet Savanna, the Chihuahua! She loves this “go to bed” ritual with her mom… She’s the sweetest dog ever.


Great Bed

This Chihuahua found out that… …his big buddy, the Great Dane, is also a Great Bed! It’s time to go to bed. Here they are… the Great “Bed” Dane & the sleepy Chihuahua.