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Pancho’s Funniest Day

Chihuahuas are energetic dogs… They need to spend their liveliness through healthy activities… Pancho the Chihuahua loves to play fetch on the beach with his owner Nic. Enjoy this cute and funny moment between owner and dog! 🙂 How often do you play fetch with your dog? Watch & Comment:


A Day With Megan

Meet Megan, a cute Chihuahua. Here’s a day of her busy life… She goes to the beach, to the park, to a photo shoot and much more! She really knows how to enjoy life!


Boo on The Beach

Meet Boo, a cute little Chihuahua! Here she is on the beach… …with her chihuahua friends Jack, Mufasa, Spike and Blazer. Look at her! Isn’t she cute?


Thai Chihuahuas at the Beach

Meet Dukdik and Wanwan, the Thai Chihuahuas. Here they are, in their first visit to the Koh Lan beach in Pattaya. They’ve had a great time there! Adorable.


Surfing Chihuahua

Meet Ma’iki, the surfing Chihuahua! He loves extreme sports. Watch Ma’iki and sister Kai surfing in… …Waikiki beach in Honolulu. So COOL!