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Family Keeps Adopting Special Needs Chihuahuas

This video is about an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G family. They keep adopting special needs Chihuahuas! Check out how happy these beautiful dogs are. CHIHUAHUAS RULE. 🙂 Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Comment:


Chihuahua Adopts Squirrels

A couple of neighborhood children found two orphaned baby squirrels… Luckily Izzy, the Chihuahua, decided to be their mom. Izzy and her owner raised Rosco and Nikki till they were old enough to be released.


Chihuahua Adopts Baby Squirrels

This amazing adoption story took place in 2007… Jeanette Young adopted the baby squirrels that were abandoned near by, however it is her Chihuahua dog that is taking care of the baby squirrels like its own and feeding the baby squirrels. Derek Varnes who was working for a tree cutting company found the squirrels’ nest. […]


Chihuahua Adopts Tiny Abandoned Meerkat

A toddler meerkat which was likely to die after being left behind is now being nursed by a peculiar adoptive mother… a Chihuahua. Tiny Wilson was abandoned by his real mother immediately after the birth. Dennis Drew owner of Mablethorpe Seal and animal Sanctuary, in Lincolnshire had the idea of presenting him to his colleague’s […]