Wants to Get Out…

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This Chihuahua is trying to get out of the bath tub!

He asks it to his owner in a gentle… and then in an angry way! 🙂

Watch and enjoy:

  • JuneC says:

    This is not at all amusing. The dog is scared and the person he relies on for his safety and well being is busy taking pictures of him in that state.

  • Kay Dabney says:

    I guess he really doesn’t like to be in that tub at all as he sees it as a BAD thing…

  • coleen says:

    Why is he in the tub at all ?? This is cruel he could slip and hurt himself this owner does not deserve this pet.

  • clemencia says:

    Put the woman in the tub and tie her down. See if she likes to be left in a place , and she can’t get out. Some people should never be pet’s masters. This is another form of animal abuse. IDIOT

  • donna says:

    This is NOT funny.I think this woman should br reported to the humane society or HSUS. She doesn’t deserve this little Chi.

  • Cassie says:

    This is so wrong. Now he is mad and how is she going to get him out without him trying to bite her. So is she is going to hit him because he tries to bite her?
    Why would she do that to him?

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