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Spanky Wants to Become a Real Dog

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Here’s an adorable Chihuahua tale…

This story is about a toy played by micro dwarf chihuahua, Spanky, who wants to become a real dog…

…tormented by funny Jamaican Chihuahua and saved by mighty Bull Mastiff!

Watch and Enjoy:

  • carol summerville says:

    where can you buy a micro dwarf chihuahua? please let me know! they are so cute i have 2 boys and i love them with all my heart!

    • C. Damian says:

      There is no such thing as a tea cup or micro chihuahua, please read up on the breed. Puppy mills and back yard breeders will say that to increase price all that they are doing is killing the poor dogs.

  • roxanna blanchard says:


    • Dorothy-Clare says:

      go online to the Chihuahua rescue transport group. I live in Wisconsin and got my darling Willow from Ohio. They transported her on a relay to Chicago and I went there to get her. or go online to Petfinder and search for Chi’s. Please rescue rather than go to a breeder. Teacups, micro dwarf, etc. mean simply that they are over-bred for their diminutive size and can have health problems such as weak bones. Just adopt/rescue a normal Chi. They are just as loveable and healthier.
      Dorothy-Clare and Willow

  • trecia says:

    I would like to know where I could get a spank for myself because I just love chihuahuas. I used to have 2 before, but they have since passed. They were my best friends and I live alone and a little spank would fill my emptiness.

  • Ann Hutson says:

    Where can I find young chi’s in South Carolina? I have 3 older ones now. My male chi that I got at 8 weeks and was now 13 yrs passed sometime ago with heart trouble. I am still grieving. I want another one like him.

  • Jackie says:

    Owners of spanky should not allow cats around spanky.

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