The Smiling Chihuahua

Bebe, the Chihuahua, is all about smiles.

Flashing a signature corner-to-corner grin, this tiny cutie takes a couple of minutes…

…to show just how much happy a dog’s life really is.

The joy on her face is priceless.

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  • tonya says:

    I love that dog he looks just like my dog I have the same picture

  • Nancy says:

    I hate a little dog ? just like that and she smiled . I miss her so much. We lost her in 2004.

  • Nancy says:

    I meant had not hate. My phone rewrites my words.

  • Judy says:

    I love this lil face….wish I could find a puppy just like this…..:)….so sweeeeeeet!

  • Melanie piette says:

    very sweet i just wish all dogs and cats were loved like this….

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