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Taco Bell: Getting Sleepy Commercial

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Remember the Taco Bell: Getting Sleepy commercial?

Ay mang! It’s that talking Chihuahua, and look: she’s moved past just knowing how to speak.

Now she’s figured out how to control minds through the power of hypnosis…

Too funny…

  • Shirley Ann Lowery says:

    I will always remember this commercial, my youngest daughter, who was born in 1997, now 16, was a year old when this commercial was advertised on tv! I have all the taco bell chihuahuas in my personal collection,that they were selling at Taco Bell, some of them still talk, plus I have a glass from Taco Bell! I still go to Taco Bell, when I was growing up as a teenager, we would always get their tacos! Yo quiero Taco Bell! I just love their Taco Salad Bowls, and their burritos! My family and I meet at Taco Bell, one week in Lancaster, the next week in Grand Prairie!

  • Judy says:

    I have all of the chihuahua’s they sold at Taco Bell. They even still talk. I love them.

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