Puppy Mill Survivor

Harleigh was rescued from a puppy mill last year.

She spent her life in a small wire cage, producing numerous litters of puppies.

She never knew the kind touch of a human hand, until her rescue.

Watch and find out more about her story:

Learn about puppy mill survivors at National Mill Dog Rescue’s website:: http://milldogrescue.org

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  • ann says:

    I will take her and love her and she will never be mistreated or have any more puppies

    • debbiesanchez says:

      that makes me feel so sad to see this little Chihuahua go through thank god for the man that took time out and spent time with the puppy and then the puppy was not affaird of him at all that breaks my heart to see this how any one that can do this to any puppy at all. how much are they do you have a long hair one and black and tan and white paws and a girl.

  • marti gordon says:

    I already have two chihuahua rescues. The two Loves of my life!

  • Tonya Dixon says:

    It breaks my heart to know people are so cruel and cold. I will pray for her.

  • Nancy says:

    I have a survivor from a puppy miller. She is so loving and wants to stay closed at all times.God bless everyone for helping them.

  • Emily says:

    I think rescue dogs love there humans with a love of angels.

  • Frieda Roeper says:

    If people would not buy from these places or pet stores we could put them out of business
    We have two chihuahuas rescues, one who is now 15 years old, it took years for her not to have her tail between her back legs and hide under the bed, its just not right.

  • Susan says:

    I have a puppy-mill dog. She was really shy and afraid, but with alot of love and time she is a sweet girl. The most loving dog I ever could be blessed with.

  • Tina Barre says:

    Your so right, this is so heartbreaking……God bless these two littl eones!!! They and so many need to see the good side of human’s!!!!

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