Owners Leave Dog With Pet Sitter

Pablo the Chihuahua’s family dropped him at the pet sitter and never come back for him.

Terrified, Pablo wouldn’t do anything but bark.

At the sitter, Pablo was being forced to live in a closet because he was barking too much.

Thus, AMA Animal Rescue took him immediately.

AMA Animal Rescue

Pablo was finally safe, but he was so afraid that the barking continued.

After being health-checked at the vet, Pablo was cleared to move on to a foster home. Within 15 minutes he was licking his new foster mommy.

Pablo with his foster mom, Alexia Perimone |
AMA Animal Rescue

Pablo began six months of regular training sessions to help build his confidence around people.

His favorite thing to do is literally dance. He gets up on his hind legs and prances around.

AMA Animal Rescue

In December 2017, Pablo was ready to be adopted. Maura McHale, a resident of Queens, New York, fell in love with his photo online.

AMA Animal Rescue

Pablo will never have to worry where his home is.

AMA Animal Rescue

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